Has anyone been feeling this way before about DeathRun?

You are a runner in the game. While you speedrun the map, you feel like everything you are doing is optimized, and the deaths are well behind you, meaning that they are doing nothing to ruin your run.

Upon finishing without dying once and looking at your time, you realize that there is still a sizable gap between your time and the world record.

For example, my best time in Toys/Presents is 53.935 seconds; however, the world record is 50.862 seconds, over three seconds faster. Additionally, my best time in Cave is 49.678 seconds; however, the world record is 47.482 seconds, over two seconds faster. Weirdly enough, I not only feel like my run is very similar to that of the world record in terms of where I leap, but I also feel like any further optimizations will not be enough to account for the aforementioned time gaps.

Has anyone had this feeling before? If so, does anyone have any idea what may be causing the sizable gap?

The reason I created this topic was because it seems (at least for me) that even with the easier maps in the game (i.e., toys, cave), no matter how hard I try, I feel like I eventually reach a point where I can no longer improve any further, yet I still know that it is possible to finish such map 2+ seconds faster. Furthermore, I tried looking online and in the forums, and barely found anything similar to what I am thinking. Therefore, I am wondering if there is a “secret” I am missing with speedrunning.

yeah, but the tiny things add up. could depend on how fast you turn corners, if you hit your leap exactly on time, etc.


Hi. I’m fairly new to DR, but play a lot. As you mentioned above, without the deaths, I sometimes feel like I can run faster and sometimes I’m slower. I do cut corners sharply and so forth. Possibly what you play on or the connection to the internet? I play on Xbox just for info. Btw, your running times are super. Where can you find the speed records? Thanks.

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You can go speedrun.com and search Hive you will find them

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I play on PC, which I feel like is one of the better platforms to play on. Whenever you say that connection to the internet may be a factor, I definitely agree with that; however, I do not feel that this one factor alone can account for a difference of 2+ seconds.

Here is a link that can take you directly to the records: Individual Levels - Hive Minigames - speedrun.com
You can also see here that there is a separate category for mobile players for each map.