Harry Potter discussion thread

Same bro :handshake:

:sob: My books are now denying from getting read by me

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Now that I went and checked my books, they look fine
Except the Chamber of Secrets. Once I had given it to a friend, he tore the cover and now I have it cellotaped

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Hey guys
Has the ninth movie been released yet?

If you’re talking about the cursed child book, I don’t think so.

I want to watch The Secrets of Dumbledore :eyes: But I will have to re-watch the first 2 movies to remember what is going on :sob:

What’s your favourite moments from the first book?

when harry eats the snitch

Mine is the part with the snake in the zoo

Mine is when Harry first meets Draco (only one of my favourite parts)

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the whole book

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I love when gryffindor are being led to the common room, those scenes are so cool


How did u come to know about HP.
Mine was from the school library

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When my friend read it he showed it to me

At first, I watched the movies with my sister.
Then, I got the books and I read them

Yeah its on my watchlist as well. Trailer looks awesome tho!

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Have y’all read the script of the cursed child?
I personally didn’t enjoy it as much as the original hp books

yeah a few times

it’s a pretty good storyline with a lot of plotholes but it’s still good.

Just watched it yesterday and man, it was awesome!
I won’t give any spoilers though

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