Half diamond armor in TW

Diamond armor is very powerful compared to iron and chain.

The only way to beat someone usually is pushing them off map.

Other servers use half diamond armor (legs and boots.)

It’s just annoying when someone makes diamond armor and you have to find a way to get them off of map and destroy their treasure.

I agree but this might already been suggested but welcome to the forums also remember to search this before you post this.


The only nerf to dia armor I can agree with is an em gen cap. But as it is right now, just rush ems asap(unless you’re a sweat at pvp)

This also includes me for some reason due to jitterclicking boomerclicking or straight out normal clicking

As a guy who has played servers such as cubecraft which do have gen caps, generally it actually has the opposite effect where diamond armour is really difficult to get except for one person who gets it in one foul swoop, some 9 armour bar diamond armour thing is good

I mean, I play from a solos perspective, where it’s like that rn anyways(someone getting it in one run)

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I mean yeah, but at least with the current system if the guy can’t secure mid well you still have a bit of a shot

Maybe make the diamond armor more expensive, not removing its entirety. I do agree though there is a huge advantage once you get diamond armor.

And welcome to the forums!

raising the price would make it worse, as it would be harder to catch up


It depends and as I’m bad at pvp I Don’t know if I can confirm it and yeah diamond is poweful… But I haven’t got any comments to write except: Welcome to the forums ! :slight_smile:

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