Hackers cheat to get high levels and there are way too many

HACKERS NEED TO BE STOPPED! I love the Hive but there is an extraordinary amount of hackers. For example, Treasure Wars. I was playing when there was a hacker who crashed my game and almost deleted my second account. Please add a command in which you can report hackers!

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Welcome to the forums!

Hackers and other types of rulebreakers can be reported on the Hive Official Discord.

If you don’t have access to Discord, you can also message a mod here.


There are quite a few reasons why your game crashed, I doubt it would be a hacker

Also how exactly was your account “almost deleted”? Pretty sure they’d only be able to get in if you gave them your password or something, so I’d be secure with your account (hive can’t control this)

Also as stated above go to the discord to report hackers here and if you do want to report on the fourms it would be ideal to message an admin directly (even though a singular post would probably be fine) but if you don’t have gamertags they can’t do anything, and pictures/video is very helpful in finding them.

And welcome to the forums!