Hacker/Rule Breaker Reporting Thread on the Forums

Add a hacker reporting section on the forums, for some players’ Discord may not be wokring (mine is currently having issues) and it’s more convenient for some of us active forum users.

More information:
Top explains it all.

What do you think?

The forum has the same 13+ rule as the Discord.

That aside, I’ve said before I’d like to see a way to report hackers here as well. It’d probably be more suited to offline reports (if the hacker’s logged off) with video evidence if Hive does those, but the forum platform allows them to be sorted more clearly and there’s a plugin that could helped mark resolved reports.


Oh, I didn’t know we had that rule.

i mean, i feel like the should be a place for people under 13 can report hackers, they can’t do it on the forums, nor on discord. maybe there should be like a google form you could fill out? the link would be easy like (edit: that is not an actual link) docs.google.com/forms/rulebreaker

and to inform people of this link, just like the discord, occasionally in chat you see
“Join our discord”
it could be like that


There’s a chance that someone else will report the cheater. Age rule will stay the same, so kids under 13, never give out your age on discord. Also there hasn’t been any issues on discord ever since I got it. That’s why kids ask to play with others on Hive. I might make an unofficial google forms report for kids under 13 to report it, that way I can copy & paste them into the ingame-reporting channel. I’ll make a short thread about it.

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Agreed. Make sure the staffs’ emails get sent the filled-out form as well.

You can message admins reports here, thats allowed btw