Hacker or something worng?

Today I was playing block drop And I was on the last plate And I found this guy

Now I want to report it
But I don’t know if hacking or There’s something wrong with map ( A place where there’s no Barrier)
So what do I do?


Hey there! :wave:

Hmm, that’s really odd. I don’t even know how they would get there. They probably were hacking, but like you said, it could be because of the map. Maybe a bug report? :thinking:

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I don’t want to report it unless I’m sure
And maybe it’s bug Like this video

Just wait moderator or helper : /

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he be just sitting there


He’s out of map

but he’s just sitting there on the couch

so I don’t see anything wrong with that


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As a spectator, I managed to get out!! (Unintentionally, but I can’t know how I did)

Oh yes. Totally true. It could be something like this. Not sure of Hive has fixed it yet though.

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this user likely was exploiting another glitch to get out there, or was using a teleport/noclip hack

there are barriers right along the front of that couch, I checked in a cs

or those barriers have been added after these screenshots were taken


could be a fly and wall phase hacker

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It’s odd to see that. I don’t think he was hacking though because if he did, the anti cheat system would probably ban/kick him out. Sometimes the cheat system doesn’t work but most of the time it does. You could probably let him go