Hacker on Deathrun

this person was in more than one of my games practically making it impossible to win

Please don’t report hackers on the forms, that is for the discord server.

I don’t have access to the discord…

Did you connect your minecraft account through The Hive server?

wish I could give you all my reasons but uhm I’d be snapped, roasted, killed, aka Banned if I said- wait I just lol just joking I just don’t have discord and don’t want it

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You should really go on the hive discord there is giveaways on their every now and then for hive+ ranks and costumes and it is a place where you’re supposed to report hackers and cheaters @StarBurst

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I agree with you @Wrongporupine, you won’t be able to report hackers on here.

If people are generous, they’ll post it to Discord for you.

Report to Discord:
Go to the hub and type: /discord
You will get a code
Then submit the code to Hive’s bot (Name: The Hive)
Make sure to install Discord first
Then report to: #bedrock-ingame-reporting

Guys legit I can’t use discord! I don’t wanna say that again…

Guys please just consider him/her, some people can’t use discord due to national legal reasons


Ok no worry i’ll report

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Hacker, I bet the top 1 player can beat the hacker! :slight_smile:

@Wrongporupine and they are usually at night meaning that some people are in the wrong part of the world

im pretty sure the top 1 player can’t finish in less than 1 second

Don’t bump lol, this is a really old thread