Hacker in Tw trios


I dont know if this is the right way to report someone, but yeah… I wanna report AmethystGlue892 because of Fly and PvP hacks. He was playin in Treasure Wars trios, team green…


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Welcome to the forum. Someone there will send this on the Discord server on The Hive. Thanks!

You can DM an admin on the forums with evidence and the info on the hacker.

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mr. uwu bro 2006 if you have discord you can type discord.gg/hive into your browser, mobile or PC, and it’ll auto open the app and let you join hive discord, to which you’ll have to do a small verification step and then you can report them in the in game channel, following the format

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Ofc you need to be 13+

peep the 2006 in his name he’s gucci

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