Hacker alert hacker alert

Hacker alert. Can teleport through your defense can break blocks even if he is far away, he can also be seen breaking them instantly with fist, he also give you half a heart of damage with a fist if you have iron armor and he has speed hacks pls hive ban him.

hey, welcome to the forums.
i suggest reporting in hive’s discord server , and report hackers and rule-breakers in the reporting channel. if you don’t have discord, you can always dm a mod on the forums :slight_smile:


People that don’t have a trust level can dm/pm I don’t think…


Please don’t report hackers on the forums!

This is correct however you are able to PM (private message) a staff member

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Thank you for the report. As other’s have already mentioned, the best way of submitting a player report is on our discord. If that’s not possible for whatever reason, please message a moderator here on the forums.

We try to keep all player reports confidential and these methods are there to ensure that a staff member sees it as quickly as possible.