Guys i cant join hive even though i have a microsoft account,if anyone knows why pls help me

i always play hive but this glitch happened to me and is is very very annoying i tried multiple ways to stop it but it doesnt work for me

P.S this happened when i updated to 1.17.11

Welcome! You can or you can’t join because I’m a bit confused.

P.S you can edit the original post to avoid double posting, here is a bee :beedance: !

what kind of glitch you are referring to

As far as I know, if you had a microsoft account, you should be able to play the hive server, also tbh I have never heard of glitch that doesnt allow you to play the hive server even though you had signed in to a microsoft account

idk too like it always doesnt let me play

i havent been able to play hive since

it was supposed to be cant sorry

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try joining through the direct IP addresses if possible. The direct IP’s can be seen below.
Main IP ~
NA ~
EU ~
AS ~
If that does not work/is not possible, attempt to restart Minecraft and your device.

What device do you play on?

Check if your skin loads properly. If it doesn’t, try changing it it just steve/alex and log back in. Hopefully it works for you.