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I very much enjoy this little game called Hollow Knight. With the fun and fast combat, the amazing and wonderful soundtrack, and the stunning visual design, it’s easy to see why people enjoy it. There’s also a deep and extensive lore to whoever searches for it.

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Adventure Time

This show was my absolute childhood, while back then, it was mostly shadowed by Regular Show, but as I revisited Adventure Time, I started to love it, just about more than Regular Show. 2010 was when these two shows really hit the golden age. Adventure Time’s lore and backstories tell everyone an aesop (synonym for lesson); a colorful world can still hold some depressing backstory but it’s about getting over the sadness that it gives and make the best of what you can. The show has many characters that I fell in love with when watching the show. Finn was an adorable hero, Jake was funny to have, Princess Bubblegum was ever so loving and sweet (literally), and Marceline was cool to have around. When I saw there was a mash-up pack for Adventure Time on Minecraft Bedrock Edition, I went and spent my Minecoins on it.

Even when the show was announced in 2016 that it would be ending soon, it ended strongly. It was great, heartwarming, and mostly sad because of what happened (I won’t spoil it for you), though some say it’s sad because it’s the end. I would absolutely recommend this show for you any day.

I’m worried about the Adventure Time stuff happening in Spring 2020. I don’t want it to go down in history as terrible or anything. This show was everything that made me love and stay close to it. Though what I plan to do after I finish watching every episode can range from viewing its fan fictions to Pendleton Ward’s later series called “Bravest Warriors” (since it has the same art style as Adventure Time).

Overall, this show was ever so beloved by the fans. Its first episode was released on April 5, 2010, and its final one was released on September 3rd, 2018. We knew that it can’t last forever, but that’s not to say the fun will never end, because you know what time it is? It’s Adventure Time! Have a good day/night everyone!


Something called “BattleBots” it is a show where people basically build giant RC cars with weapons, (250 pound weight limit), it isn’t running rn but does have a community subreddit