Guess the youtuber

(I haven’t seen this to be a duplicated idea)
You basically give a quick information about the youtuber, how he looks, does he play games, does he has less then 1k subs does he has less then 100k subs, the next person has to guess the youtuber and continue another one. Starting from me.

Someone who is trying to be hive partner but has less then 10k subs and loves pizza.


hmm, @ImPizzas ???
I am thinking of a youtuber with almost 2k subs, and has an orange/red skeppy kinda skin
Also @Nelly if no one gets it, do we reveal who it is?

it is pizza, made it easy so you guys get it,hope you enjoy the game, and yes you reveal if the next person doesn’t get it

Are you talking about SuperGamerDX?

My youtuber wants to get youtube rank, makes hive videos, has almost 4K subs and streams with fans. He also, doesent have a face

You are talking about ThanPixel, right?

My youtuber has 58 subs and is a very epic gamer.


Hmm … I know that @HolyPotato263 has 58 subs but he is more holy than epic :kappa:

I’m thinking of a Youtuber who used to do Twitch … and is also a gingerbread Man …

Edit: Correct! It was @mj_owns_u :smile:


mj would be that person


lazarbeam lmao joking

My youtuber has 57 subs, a grey knight as a skin, and is very underrated.
@GyrrabirdGamer might get this one.

ya boi Sylverus!

next is 2 brothers who stream a lot and are quite young. they like playing murder mystery and at least one of them is on the forums

you may want to add more details @GyrrabirdGamer

Someone who’s a sweaty player that killed every youtuber in minecraft monday. I heard rumors that player can fly :flushed:

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is it a bird?
ist it a plane?


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Not from what he tells me :joy:

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Your non-existent description of a YouTuber has been yeeted in the trash can.

Next YouTuber plays Hive Treasure Wars, is a well-known member in the competitive community, co-leads a competitive Hive clan, and gets lots of subs despite not putting much effort into his videos.

Next youtuber is banned


My youtuber has 900 subs and plays hypixel and is one of the best and underrated pack makers. Made glaye v2 and has a really nice default edit

is it jackoboymc or something?