Ground Wars Spanish translation error (Spain Spanish)

Affected Language: Spanish (Spain)

Affected Service (Game name, hub, or menu): Ground Wars powerups

Affected Text: Ceguera Huevo, Explosivo Huevo, Golpe de efecto Huevo

Suggested Text: Huevo Cegante, Huevo Explosivo, Huevo Empujón
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Explanation of Issue: The words currently appearing in-game are translated awfully, making it seem like they were done by Google. I suggest my improvement especially because of “Golpe de efecto Huevo”, it’s barely understandable.

Screenshots and/or video:

Hey there,

Due to the way that this is coded, in that the projectile in this string can vary (other words can be used in place of the word ‘egg’, the word ‘snowball’ for example), it isn’t possible to implement your suggested improvement.

The word ‘egg’, or in this case ‘Huevo’ cannot be modified, as it is used in other strings, so we sadly can’t implement this change.