Gravity Obstacles Damage Bug

Gamemode the Bug appears in:

Affected Maps:

  • Pixels
  • Jungles

Detailed Description
Upon playing these 3 Maps, hitting certain Obstacles doesnt “kill” a Player, instead it allows them to continue jumping from said Obstacle which can be abused quite alot.

Close to the Water, around the 3rd or 4th Layer away from it, theres a green Obstacles measuring 4x4 Blocks where the “killing” / Damage of a Player doesnt take effect, instead, it allows Players to jump from there, skipping the last 3-4 Layers, which can be abused quite often.

  • Jungles
    On Jungles, there is about 3 Leaves next to eachother, which also do not apply any death or damage to the Player, which again, can be used to unfairly gain an advantage.

  • Stairs
    The cyan Stairs, sometimes, also happen to be affected as listen above, however, on this Map, it doesnt seem to 100% always be the Case.

Device(s) & Version

This Bug has been observed for 72h and reported on Windows, latest Minecraft Version applicable.

Additional Info

If I happen to catch this Issue on Stream, if not reproduceable, I’m open to send an E_Mail with the Stream link and Timestamps to our Support Team.


Thank you for taking the time to submit this bug report.

Unfortunately, we’ll require more information about this issue, since we couldn’t replicate it consistently.

If anyone has experienced this issue, any information, videos or replay ID’s would be incredibly helpful.

Have a wonderful day! :slightly_smiling_face:

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I can confidently say this isn’t a bug and more of a “feature”. On every single gravity map, for some reason, holding jump and stuff gives a chance to jump off of air, and sometimes this allows you to just land on the platform and walk around without dying, being able to resume falling whenever you want from a lower point than the start. I don’t know why this is, since this same bug can be used to literally die when you’re in the water, so it’s really inconvenient then. I cannot provide video/photo footage but if you do this enough you’ll see what I mean most likely.

@JvstKayy Hey there

Would you happen to have a video of this happening?

Are you sure that is not slime??

It definitely isnt.

@EhamFTL I’ll get you a Video of this when Im back in Germany

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I’ve seen recently that blocks rarely don’t kill you I think it’s ping based :sweat_smile:

We can’t seem to replicate this issue, so, if you have this issue again please attached a video to a new bug report.