Good changes to the game

Hello as a very veteran skywars player, i have some suggestions to make the game feel more fresh

  1. Changes to the fire trail book

Alot of people including me chose not to use the book due to not being able to jump sprint while having it active as it could burn yourself, so if Hive adds a feature where upon casting the spell the player gets a 10 sec fire resistance potion effect so you can still sprint and burn the other players not having the effect. This has alot of outplay potential.

  1. Vaulting Feature
    I think to keep the game fresh/new The Hive should add 1 or more maps every 1-2 week(s) and removing 2 at the same time, this not only will make the players play the game more because of new maps. This also can be applied to items for example week 1 vaulting poison boomboxes and adding fire boomboxes. or even adding new items to the game will help making the game entertaining.

Edit: As shown here the java edition of The Hive has so many more playable maps compare to bedrock version, If staffs could port and remove a map every 2 weeks that could make the game fresh again.

Source : SkyWars | The Hive MC Wiki | Fandom

  1. New arrow types
    In my opinion if you could add different kind of arrows to the game mode it would be very interesting, For example, poison arrows, harming arrows, fire arrows, or even regen arrows that you could use on urself by shooting in the air.

4. Kits
Kits should be a thing in the first release of skywars. There should be kits like Golem where you start off spawn with iron armor, Archer, a Punch bow with 32 arrows and maybe a Spell kit where you spawn with the the basic spells. and kits can be purchased with Quest Points located in the quest master :))


Alright I’m gonna address this in order

  1. Changing the fire trail book
    I completely agree with this change as it is dumbfounding that hive hasn’t issued a patch for lighting yourself on fire with it without walking backwars, much like other things like the block breaker TNT

  2. Vaulting features
    I can see why one would want to keep the game fresh with adding a map a week, but I doubt that’s possible as Hive has to overwork its build team to make balanced, competitively viable maps every week, as well as work around hive’s own design philosophies. One way to make this possible is to accept user given maps on the forums but hive has stated before that they will not be implementing community maps directly into the game, withholding the right to take inspiration and or invite the map maker onto their build staff. Hypixel as an example already does this kind of thing with their Map Rotation system, which is almost universally loathed by everyone in the community because it means that once in a while a good, competitive map is going to be shelved for a week or more. I really hope that Hive does not start randomly rotating maps in and out, as literally all maps for Skywars Solos at least are completely viable for any intents and purposes ranging from casual play to pearl clutch montages in Skywars 1v1 CSs

Additional info:

Another point that I’d like to bring up would be the lack of maps, though it is apparent that Hive does have a little bit of a limited map pool in comparison to a server like Hypixel, think about the budgeting and time that would have to go into developing a single map. According to multiple forums posts, the Hive has a lot of its maps hard coded, meaning there is very little customisation they are able to do once they push a map out without putting an inane amount of effort back into it to change 500 lines of code in a config file. For example - Ender chests, they had to code out a default minecraft feature of “Shared Space” then put in loot tables for each and every person, unlike galaxite they actually put in the work to make sure that loot doesn’t magically reappear for every person that opens the chest as that would be broken as all hell.

  1. New arrow types
    I cannot really comment on the usage of new arrow types as I think that it’s more of an opinionated thing, which doesn’t really matter much. I do realise that it will add another level of complexity to the game, and raise the skill ceiling, but I think that doing this would just ruin current metas. If your goal is to reshape the meta, maybe this might be a good idea, I can’t speak for or against it.

  2. Kits
    In my subjective objective opinion, I think that Skywars kits should be an LTM until they finish balancing them out properly as kits in other servers’ skywars are at times extremely unbalanced to the point where there can be S tier and F tier kits. As the developers at Hive are apparant perfectionists, I doubt they would want to release a kit that is unbalanced if they even release the kits update. Breaking the game wouldn’t be really… profitable, for multiple reasons with the most important being that people wouldn’t play the game or spend money on it with boosters. Other people have and will cover the topic in more depth than I will in this forums post but I really hope to see some change to skywars in the near future. Just maybe not kits…

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The vaulting thing doest even involve the build team as its as simple as porting the world from java edition to bedrock for hive use

Elaborate further please, I don’t understand what you mean by porting the world from java. What world, where was it built, by whom. Hive only has original maps, and I doubt they’re going to start world downloading hypixel skywars maps any time soon.

from the pic i inserted from the official wiki of hive. it shows theres more maps that we have not seen, just porting the world to bedrock so bedrock hive could also use the maps built the java builders.

its possible because theres a website showing how to : Convert a Minecraft World From Java to Bedrock (Windows 10) - Universal Minecraft Converter

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The build team has a real life outside of playing Minecraft and building maps and Maps generally take a while to make and the build team does a really good job with the maps that are currently in the game, this would be very hard for the build team to come out with these new maps every week and besides, the maps we have now are fine and they look very good

32 arrows?!?!? That’s wayyyy to overpowered not to mention the punch effect too. People that would select this kit would just now spam and it would be awful to play against like if you were bridging to mid and someone bows you off that would be annoying

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yes yes yes yes i agree i agree

Geez dude, let me break that down

Builders have a life outside of building stuff for the hive. They can’t just build a map in two weeks and release it. @OnlyOrbi might be able to clarify a bit more

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First off, these amazing builders have stuff to do irl and like i said, maps take a while to build

Second off, they shouldn’t have to quit if they can’t make a map in a week. Unless you worked on it like 8 hours a day but I bet you some builders have school and that takes a bunch of your day

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All but 4 i agree with

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I agree with all of these changes

Again. That is not my POINT, its as simple as porting the map from java hive to bedrock hive which takes about 10 mins to do and uploading it to the data base.

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That is not the topic rn, its as simple as porting the map from java hive to bedrock hive which takes about 10 mins to do and uploading it to the data base.

idk what is going on here, but im loving your pfp @aShanki

And @Natord3YT awesome pfps :+1:t2:


Some of thehe Java maps in Hive were either community-made mads or we didn’t really have the rights to use them outside of Java Hive which in short means we can’t just port them and use them as it is as legal action against the hive can be taken by the creators of that map. Making a map is not an easy job, there’s a lot of thought process that goes into it and a lot of time. It should also be in line with the games and the updates brought by Minecraft. We just can’t release a new map for every single game every 2 weeks that would be just too taxing on the build team members.
Trust me when I say this, porting a map from java to bedrock is relatively well known and can be done by anyone but we are talking about a server where almost hundreds and thousands of players play every day and just simply porting a map without testing its effects on the server and the game would just end up in a disaster.


I mean if they allow it on java I’m pretty sure their map getting featured on the bigger server hive bedrock isnt it nice? the staff team may contact the builders and get full permission to allow the server to use it. + it doest have to be every 2 weeks, every month a new map is already very good and brings freshness to the game, 1 month is enough to test the map, right?

Also what about my other points? is there nothing to complain about? meaning its reasonable?

Still, putting maps every week out is excessive, unnecessary and it would overwork the builders

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its not gonna be unnecessary if the players enjoy it :slight_smile: