Glitches on beta

I got the beta version for Minecraft, The first thing I did was log on to The Hive, when I logged on there were my friends in the hub, as a mobile player, if we click on the player the hand moves, somehow, when I clicked on him, he became a hopper. No joke, this was shocking, I tried clicking other players and same happened. Then I thought It was a glitch and will be fixed later. So I went into the Skywars lobby as usual. I voted for the map, and then I just randomly clicked anywhere. I observed that in the lobby, whenever I click any type of block, that block changes. Like, Andesite changes into Pistons, Any type of glass changes into sign, Any type of slab changes into Pressure plates. This wasn’t just Skywars Lobby, Every game lobby, The Hub, Custom Servers and all. I informed @starimi [ helper ] about this and he/she might have done a forum on that as he/she said. I reinstalled Minecraft, Relogged in my Microsoft Account and nothing had happened. I tried everything. Now I am playing at Minecraft 1.16.220 normal (not beta) and everything is cool. I recommend The Hive staff to look into this issue. Thanks.

Hey there :wave: is now rather outdated, can you let us know if this happens on any other more recent versions?

If so, a video would be great :slight_smile:


No, This Does Not Happen On Any Other Version.

Please reply sir I am waiting.

Hey, this is fine as it isn’t the latest updates so if you update there is no need to worry about it.

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In that case, I have already updated the game. I am reporting this because any other player can take advantage of this bug and it will be an adverse effect on the server. I wasn’t evil so I reported the helper about this and also posted here. Some people might take advantage of this bug and totally destroy the gameplay.

If you could provide a video of this, it would be very helpful :slight_smile:

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I will try to.

Nvm it does not work now sorry