Gift Problem ! Help me please 😭

Hello. My name is FrozenShallow.

Today I gift to my friend “OkayCowie” regular custome. I purchased it and place it on HUB. She touched it and it say Gift was found or something. Which mean she got it. But it’s not in her locker or mine. But the gift was gone. Don’t know where it is. So I have to buy it again and this time I sent directly to her and it was success. But what about the first gift? Did I just lost 310 Minecoins for bug? Can I get it back ? Refund? Regular custome Gift card? Someone help!

have you tried /fixpurchase

Not yet. I’m about to.

That’s very weird. All I know is that you should always gift directly to a player unless you are doing a giveaway. The only thing I can think of is if someone took the gift. If you were in a crowd and placed a gift, someone else could actually click and take the gift because it’s visible to everyone. If you weren’t and you absolutely know that your friend got it, then type /fix purchase in chat.

It might be a visual bug as the gift is placed in all hubs of a region, so the game might not have updated it for you.
Keep it in mind, that if you want to gift a costume to someone in specific, you should select the gift to player option from the next time.

Hello :wave:
When you drop a gift the gift will appear on all of the different hubs that are in the same region, it might have been the case where the gift was found by someone else in another hub.
Unfortunately there is no way to get it back, as all of the purchases are under Microsoft’s control, it is out of the Hive’s control.


LOL Rip Minecoins. Thank you for reply.