Getting Muted (chat) on Hive

Hy… I’m New at playing Minecraft… So I have a Problem my chat has been muted 1 weeks…
And first my chat has been muted on server I’m try to using my brother account to saying “my account has been muted” to my friends but… after texting , my brother account is muted to… , When I’m report to Hive server they tell :

~ "If other players cannot see your chat, it is likely that you have a communications suspension. These are handed out automatically by the Minecraft chat filter, and you do not get notified when this happens. Your chat reputation follows you across all Featured Servers and Realms, so you may have been suspended for something you didn’t say on The Hive.

Unfortunately, we don’t have any control over communication suspensions and cannot unmute you. We recommend that you try to improve your chat behaviour by typing nice things in chat, there is a good chance that you will eventually be able to chat normally again by doing this." ~

But I feel I don’t say anything badword before and why my brother account getting muted too when I’m report to my friend my account has been muted

Need help bro… Im getting tired to play MC

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I’m sorry for you but there is nothing hive can do about this.
Just try to chat friendly like you usually would do, even though it might appear useless to you.
I have been in the same situation several months ago and suddenly my chat worked fine again.
Let’s hope the best for you, that you’ll be able to chat again soon!


Hello there, even if you haven’t said anything bad there might have been certain cases where you would have said something wrong or you were too negative or you were spamming or you were giving out way too much personal information about yourself (yes Microsoft issues communication suspension for this as well). The Microsoft chat filter is currently going through some issues and I believe they will be resolving it sooner or later. As the Hive support stated there is nothing we can do about it since it’s not under our control, we only issue mutes manually by our Hive Moderators since they handle everything relating to punishments, such mutes given by us will include the duration as well as the reason for your mute whenever you try to chat.
I would suggest you to start saying nice and positive things in the chat even if no one can see it, that’s the best and the only way to lift the suspension since the filter works on the basis of your chat reputation and that the better your reputation is, lesser is the chance of you getting suspended again. So do your best to say as much positive things as you can :slight_smile:


But why my brother account is getting mute too ? Even though he only wrote that the “ItsNisaChan” account was being muted …

Try Writing Nice words or check you Xbox privacy settings

If you actually read what they said, you’ll understand. They can’t do anything. Communication suspensions are handed out by Microsoft and NOT the Hive. The only way to fix this is by saying nice things.


As @ItsWoozieE the filter is currently having some issues. If you start writing nice chat messages like “good game” or “I like that skin” etc. it’ll eventually be lifted. For the time being, you could always use an external communication platform like Discord to communicate with friends :ok_hand:

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Ususally writing nice words works out but sometimes for me i just wait a day or 2 and its gone.

That used to work, yes, but the chat system has been revised since then to fix that.
If you spam the abc’s now, you risk being manually muted, which is even worse.

it’s a risk worth taking lol

it still works but just not as mu h