German hide and seek translation bug🇩🇪

Affected Language:

Affected Service (Game name, hub, or menu):
In the hide and seek game menu

Affected Text:
Werde ein Minecraft-block und verstehe dich vor den Suchern. Wer entdeckt wird, wird ein Sucher.

Suggested Text:
Werde zu einem Minecraft block und verstehe dich vor den Suchern.
Wer gefunden wird, wird zu einem Sucher.

Explanation of Issue:
Actually there is nothing wrong with the text but there is not enough explanation to understand the game! Now it only says to hide and if you get found you get an seeker. I would recommend to add these small informations.

Screenshots and/or video:

Hey there,

After discussion, we have decided to keep the current string, as it matches the English text, as seen below:

Have a great day :slight_smile: