GeniusHive records

in this post as you may have guessed all of the hive records will be stored just Reply your achievement and ill put it up here

Example, longest losing streak most sky/treasure wars wins

disclaimer, it can be something like those it can also be most guarded treasure or most kb

also photo proof is always helpful if you provide it you will get a check mark next to your achievement

with 9 KB Nemos @zealouslyguy

with a win% of 95.77% Bricen120

so pretty much Hall of Fame but any category?

i mean, why not. but I’d say just reply with your records here.


ya that better

Add biggest treasure wars Winstreak
Add treasure wars stats with the least losses

it can be anything those were just examples

You could add most kb nemos in a game
This was posted by @MixrSirShiftygg


that deserves “messiest ui” too

You forgot i got 9?

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so like win percentage, because i can do the math :upside_down_face:
Just send me all your wins and loses in photo form or other source

this guy for highest win %
Screenshot 2022-01-06 084632


hall of fame any% run

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hey guy i will be inactive for 3 or 4 days du to Highschool camp

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Highest amount of kills in treasure wars
Edit: also add highest Winstreak