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This isn’t really a game, but just an area you can post on to chat. You can bump this if you want, no issue with that


hi anyone on

Hi guys, add me on Hive pls
My ign is HolyPotato263

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./f add Supreiors

I already sent a friend request to you lol

And @Ryan maybe I will

kk I will add you now

Mine is mckristiyan28yt. Today I played w/ @HolyPotato263

yes very true
and then I went to have a bath

Ok. I thought you were angry because I took you from the game.

I was confused as to why you did that anyway, I was still in.

I always when die start a new game. I wrote a suggestion about this.

Yeah, I saw that.

I still wish /p start was a thing

I just added you, pls accept

I play on mobile and type on a PC (now I play TW with @HolyPotato263 and @Arthur78234).


I upgraded it (our team generator).

Bravo @HolyPotato263 for the blue treasure! :slight_smile:

And then I get bowspammed

yeah i cant use my computer now, will accept tmr

and i’ll friend you @Arthur78234 and @mckristiyan28yt pls accept