Game of Tag

I guess that’s good right?the last three players standing win.

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I think this would not be such a great idea because it doesn’t seem very hive like.

Although during the Sonic event there was a game called Ring Royal. I think it would be cool if they brought something like this back to the server but as a hub minigame!

Welcome to the hive. A nice family friendly server. Play with friends, fight with swords and you can even- BOOM GUESS WHAT BABYYYY NEW GUN GAME LES GOOOOO pew pew KEEP UP THE PACE

Anyway… On with the actual post

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I would not agree with this as a game suggestion. No other game doesn’t have guns (murder is different) and I doubt any sort of games with guns would be a thing.


Maybe change the guns to bows since guns aren’t appropriate for younger players.

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Mabey instead of guns bows. Also theres groundwars but you could have it as a seperate minigame

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hive= no guns

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