Game concept

Ninja quest


that looks so cool :star_struck: you should make a skin for the ninja with the red belt that would be so cool :smile:

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This is a very good suggestion you should put this in the suggestion category

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I’ve seen this recently in Maji’s server. Good job!

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I think this a great idea, and I’d love to see it added!

Wow amazing
The 3d models look amazing

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Put this on suggestion so i can vote

Hey there :wave: This idea is so eye-opening. I think this would attract a lot of players and get attention :smiley: Also, please put this in the suggestions category! I’m sure a lot of people would vote!

put this in #suggestions in the edit option so people can vote for it and it might have a better chance of being added

This is super cool!

I feel like this probaly wouldn’t be added as a main game tho.

Maybe as a hub event thingy?
It may be good for the next New Years event

I don’t think Hive would want to focus on making a lot of LTMs anymore - Let’s say I work on something very large, it took a lot of hours, effort, time, and hardwork to make. At the end, I smash it! So I think it should be added as a permanent gamemode.

This looks amazing! Nice work on the 3D artistry, keep it up!

i think the comments say it all- great job bro :))

I’m not sure he wants this added, it’s still a low chance anyways

That’s an amazing concept! I liked the training tool model, great job

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