Future pet abbilitties

Pets abbilitties suggestion:
Epic pets let’s should give you 40 qp per day
Rare pets should give you jump boost
Common let’s should give you a costume every 2 months
Ultra rare pets give you fly effect for a few seconds

Pets should be obtainable buy buying a crate for 500qp in qp master
If you already got the pet the crate will roll the dice again to get another pet

Also crates should be also obtainable for 160 minecoins

There should be also pets obtainable by leveling up on games and every some levels you get a pet

Hey there!

Pets are planned for the Hive in the future! You can find that out on the Hive Trello public road map

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Yah I know I’m just sharing my suggestion to how to get it and why you should get it :grinning:

Hey there,

Closing the suggestion as it is a suggestion for a non-existent feature. Pets are on the Hive’s public roadmap and discussion about them can be done in an off-topic thread, such as this one here: Pets or Mounts first?