Fund Rank and a Donator hub title!

Alright so before we start all of these suggestions are in my head, so if you think you have different/new ideas let me know! I think the hive should add a [fund] in dark green rank. This would be for donating a certain amount of money to a charity of the hive’s choice. This could be to any foundation, sorry Mr Beast but, team trees is not serious. This rank would give just a rank, a donator hub title, and maybe a costume. (I have no clue what this could be. This rank could be a donation of $5 to $30 USD you can convert this to your currency. I fully understand that hive doesn’t want 10,000 ranks, so I understand why this would not be added. Thanks for your time!

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This is such a cool idea!

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Pretty much hive+.

Buying hive+ rank is pretty much like donating to the server, and hive can do what they want with that money, whether it’s put toward keeping the server up or toward a charity.