Fun stuff for the hub

Iv’e noticed on lots of other servers that there are “gadgets” and I was thinking that the hive could add KB boom boxes and other fun items to the hub that you could get with qp. This is just a suggestion. Like if yes.

The problems I can see is a lot of lag and chaos.


Oh yes. Nvm I guess. I just thought it might be fun.

It would be fun but if players had boom boxes the whole lobby would be in air and the Moderators would have no overview over the lobby anymore. I think the Parkour, Easter Halloween, Christmas event and finding the dora the explorer hub title is anough for the hub

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I think maybe not boomboxes due to the lag ,as many have mentioned and you have acknowledged, however grapnel hooks take two minutes for the hive to make and then they just need to make a skin for it. Hive have said they are adding pets and mounts to the hub as mentioned in their roadmap.