FrostByte Intro :D

Hi! I’m FrostByte, you can call me Frost. On the Hive, I’m FrostByte5251 (I know sucks to suck I have numbers in my name.) I usually play with my friends, Niightroses, RoomForSushi, and SuperNovaKit. I played Minecraft for a good 3 or 4 years! And I’ve joined the forums because of the March 2021 Hive Skywars Championships. My favorite game on the Hive if I had to choose would be Skywars! Adding to this you would probably see me playing Treasure Wars and Survival Games the least.
I would consider myself a funny, social, and fun person, (hopefully). You are also free to friend me on the Hive which if you tell me here I would probably accept :D.

some extremely cool facts about me:

  • I live on the earth (I know really surprising)
  • I like listening to music (my favorite genre would be pop, maybe 2010 pop)
  • My favorite subject would be English
  • 2 of my favorite MCYT’s would be TommyInnit and Techno (but I love pretty much all of the Dream SMP Members :D)
  • Favorite animal: Dogs
  • Favorite Colors: Red, Blue, Pink

soooo helloooooo hive forumersssssss watsss upppp


Welcome to the forums!


I swear to StarClan I exported it with a transparent background
It doesn’t wanna save the transparent background for me :broken_heart:


Hello welcome to the Hive forums!! :partying_face: :blobheart:

Welcome to the forums c:

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Thanks, everyoneee :smiley:

omg ur so good at drawing

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Welcome to the forums frostbyte!

Welcome FrostByte : D

Welcome to the forums! :beedance:

ayyyy thanks guys. How r u guys doing? :beedance:


welcome, and I am tired though it only early morning

imagine waking up… wait… XD