Friends, Parties and CS!

So after Last One to Post Wins got closed, I thought there isn’t really a topic where you can ask someone if they can play, which is one reason they used that topic. To avoid doing completely unnecessary topics asking if someone wants to play or be their friend, you can do this here!
Feel free to organize Custom Servers, Parties and ask if someone wants to play here.

Lets keep this topic to Hive related stuff and not as a general chat

Welp, that’s it. Just a topic to play with fellow forumer friends!


I’d love to do some CS’s with @GaboDabo3572

Mobile VS Mobile

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Alr Im available rn!
I can’t see messages on my account and I’m too lazy to get on my alt so DM me so we can talk


This is definitely needed, I’ll be available (pretty much) all day tomorrow if anyone wants to play (also, I accept all friend requests, IGN ”MahiMahi715”) :slight_smile:

Im online now if anyone wants to play

I’m online if anybody wanna play

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Sorry I had to go :woozy_face:

Im online playing whatever

You can just use the pm lotpw

Oh wait-

You guys left


This post is needed though

lotpw pm? Oh

This is basically place for everyone, because you only invited some people to LOTPW
I wanna do something weekly, like CS Fridays but I think I’ve seen it before

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Who wants to sumo me on hive I am very active not much on weekdays because of school

I would but I need buy Nintendo membership again to play

Already had to pay 300$ for the crap

And we have to pay extra to play online

Everyone acts like money is their god


Yeah I hate that we have to pay to play online

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I tried to invite everyone but 3/4 of them left

Now It’s just manual, If you want to join just PM me

Anyway, back on subject!

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@Conhadda and I make the best Console duo.

@FishKing2000 wanna play hive? We both play switch and im bored

Anyone wanna play hive? Ign zRqre I’m rlly bored

You can message people if they can play with you that would most likely make them see your message

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