Friends notification suggestion

At the moment it looks like this,

So I suggest that instead of the Alex, it shows their avatar.

I hope this is possible.


I was in the process of writing the same thing!
So I agree :+1:


I don’t really know if they can do that but what if they make it so it’s the skin of the player instead of alex


You mean the face?
Then it may be confusing as ppl change their skins all the time

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I was talking about the avatar, like the avatar you pick on the hive, but it may be too high resolution, so maybe the player skins could work as well.

Edit: like this is an avatar


I know that you were talking about the avatars, but with the skins it would looks cool

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I was replying to bouffon.

Oh lol, I should of seen that

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This is a good suggestion, but where would this go on the screen? Under chat, or is it a chat message?

this is a very good idea but I see a problem if u see closely the notification isn’t in high resolution and to something high res like avatar would probably be hard ( at least what I think)

Also Voted

This is currently not possible due to Minecraft limitations, but something we will likely do if it ever becomes possible.