Friends list GUI for Asia

Hello I was on Asia region rn and a difference in my friends tab I noticed was that on NA those who have Hive+ are written in green but on Asia this isn’t the case, everyone is gray

Yeah “gray”. Also I dont think that is an issue. (I met u somewhere, hmmm)

edit: Oh u are the dude that I begged for friend request and u said ur list is full lol

What do u mean thats not an issue, why does NA have it and not Asia??

Well it not seem to be a problem. U should put it in suggestion so developers could see it. That is my thought.

Why were you begging lol? I have never met you before or dont remember it

I’m going to wait till someone who knows this is a problem comes on, thanks

I’m pretty sure it’s because Hive puts in these features in other regions first, such as when replay IDs for SG came out, it was only available in Europe but it later came to all regions. I think this is to test out the feature and to get some feedback before bringing it to all regions.



That simply means that the feature is not available in Asia because the region wasn’t in maintenance yet :sweat_smile: It will be added very soon.


yo mine is normal