Friend messaging

I would say that it is about time to add a messaging system to the friends menu. Sometimes it could come in handy to send a private message to a specified player.

It could also be a new messaging command added, like on Hive Java:

/msg [player] [message]


The player you are messaging should have to be your friend to prevent message spamming.

I would love this, unfortunately Microsoft’s rules are strict, and don’t allow private messaging (1 to 1). However, they allow 1 to 3, for example. On java, it is possible but on Bedrock not. :sob:


Microsoft partnered with as far as I know, the 5 Featured Servers to remove private messaging between players.

Okay, @Ptitjoueur123 .

That is the reason we do not have it yet, then. :weary: That sucks a little, but that is how it is I guess.

This feature is not possible, then.

Thank you for the information, @Violetria! :pray: