Frequent Disconnections even on a Stable Internet Connection

So i dont know whats been going on a couple of days before , but im getting disconnected like many times , if i decide to chill in hub for like 30 mins . My internet is stable . I reviewed my data plan , and it still has a large amount of gigabytes remaining . Please help me fix this .

I play on Windows 10 Edition , fullscreen .

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correction - *3 mins

I personally haven’t noticed any disconnections. Do you get any error while being disconnected?

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nope , just Disconnected .

Is it due to the fact i use full screen ?

Hey! Do you tab away to another program or something while connected to hive? If you do, that’s exactly what disconnects you.

Sorry but this problem only occurs on mobile, since phones has to divert ram to the other app, win10 do not have this problem

It does, on full screen win10 also acts like mobile. Try it! lmk how it goes

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What Arshle said is correct, though to add to it, if you even go out of Minecraft in task at so that your desktop shows, you disconnect. Not sure if it’s the same for realms and worlds though

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right i figured the problem out , it was cuz of my old laptop or something . My new Laptop doesn,t crash my minecraft