Free Shop option in a CTF custom server

So you know how Treasure Wars has a free shop preset and a price modifier in a custom server? Maybe that can also be added to a CTF custom server where there is a price modifier to make everything cost more, less, or entirely free.

If you want to give me feedback, go right ahead but if you like this idea, you should probably vote if you want to. :+1:

Thanks for reading my suggestion.


I totally think this should be a thing! You got my vote!


WE NEED THIS, ill vote for this brilliant idea!


a bump is when it’s like 2 weeks since the last post, not 3 hours…


If treasure wars can have it why not ctf

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I would love this! This would be a great option to add to freeshop and this would be super fun if it was implemented!


bumped so people can see… :eyes:

On that last bit I’d say just have free shop, I don’t see much reason to getting rid of coins, because (although its unlikely) someone might wanna play some kind of ‘get the most coins game’. also they don’t really clutter the hud much

Thanks for giving me feedback :+1: I removed that part so thanks for saying something about it.

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bumped yet again…

Yes and we need how many flags to win

It can still be who captures 3 flags first to win :+1:

yes but in the bridge its the same and there is this option

That could be for another seperate suggestion perhaps…

bump to get this a little more attention
Thanks for 40 votes!

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