FOV for pvp (Mobile)

I use non-split to pvp and one of the things that I’ve been trying to do is finding a good fov to use. What I noticed was that a lot of youtubers who are good at pvp on mobile have their fov set really high, sometimes even max. After trying it myself, I found that it was a lot easier to pvp since my opponents were visible on my screen for a longer period of time since my field of view was larger. The only drawback was that the players on my screen were smaller, but that just comes down to working on my aim. Right now I have my fov set to 98 and it seems to work pretty well. If any of you also pvp on a mobile device I’d like to know what your settings are.

I saw thanpixel’s Skywars video, and I did notice the fov. I thought it was interesting, and I may as well give it a try.

I have mine set around 95-98, so mine is quite high I guess.

Mine is MAX and I qualify myself as pretty decent in PvP. (Im mobile)

When I set it to max its kinda hard to tell whether I’m sprinting or walking.


Yes, it’s like that at first lol

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My FOV is always at max

Update even though no one probably cares, I’ve been playing with my fov at max and it’s a lot better for me lol.

I use 80°, I think 110 is too much. I’ll try to switch to 90° but probably not because 80 works good for me.

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I use 110

idk mine for bedrock but my fov for java is between 90-95

I usually set my FOV to about 100.

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I usually have mine set up by 70 up to 80