Found @BlazeDrake in DR and worst DeathRun experience

Meeting @BlazeDrake

So I have found BlazeDrake100 in a DR match. I even sent him a “hi” but I don’t think he noticed.

Anyways, here’s him in chat:

The worst DeathRun experience

I was doing a 30QP quest to win top 3 three times, and it sucked. I could only do 1 SINGLE MATCH hitting top 3.


  1. My terrible Joy-Con controllers’ sticks
    This is indeed a very known problem and if you don’t know what it is, basiclly the control stick gets broken and it keeps going up. That happened months ago and it happened with the left CStick (yes, the one where I control my character). But, a few days ago unfortunatly, the same happened but with the right CStick, the one I controll the camera and navigate the in-game GUI (server and non-server), so it just got worse. I don’t know if there are any purchasable extra Joy-Cons here in Brazil, but i’d really like to buy one immediatly.

  2. Being Death many times
    In 3 or 4 rounds (not in a row) I was Death. No more to explain.

  3. The tryhards

The game is as good as it is, however if was a real pain for me and I might quit it. If someone requests me to play DR, i’mma deciclining lol


oof you got that joycon problem too, it’s annoying when that happens.

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Deathrun can get annoying for sure lol, I thought you were blueslimemc at one point for some reason so I was like “wait, he got a switch”. I might go into deathrun again but fn I am trying to take out the enderdragon since I’ve never done it legit


Relatable, my Joy-Cons work when they want to

Wanna play? pixel and I once killed the dragon in less than a day

Also I feel your pain Arthur, I was death 3 times in a row once Terminal

I’m kinda trying to do it myself to make it more challenging, but thanks for the offer!

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I don’t know if they’re still doing it but a while ago Nintendo was offering to fix drifting joy-cons for free since they know it’s an issue. I believe they were also offering refunds if you’d already paid for repairs. Their website says it’s U.S. and Canada only but it does have a part at the very bottom for who to contact if you’re in another country (including Brazil).

Maybe that will help with the joy-con issue, at least. :slightly_smiling_face:

nintendo ended their support for Brazil since years

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they stopped it in 2003 i think

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Aw, that sucks :frowning: I saw there was an address for a repair centre in Brazil but I couldn’t tell if they were covering the costs or not.

Also, I’m glad to hear this isn’t just me. I swear I’m just always Death. ;o; Like, you get a “win 3 times” quest and immediately you’re death in the first game



holy freaking god, im calling death


Oof, I can feel the pain of getting death a bunch. Also, gg