Forum suggestion


My suggestion is just to bring back the hive hall of fame, but make it a moderator run post so players who have accomplished accolades of the hive can still have their name in the hall of fame without having to heavily monitor any posts. This could be run by members dm’ing a moderator or if the staff wanted could be done through commenting on the post.

More information:

Thank you for any consideration or feedback this might receive!

i loved hive hof and i’d love to see it back, but there’s probably going to be some reason that they won’t add it back

I could see why they wouldn’t, but that’s why being moderator run might help because I know a lot had to do with over-moderation for the forums and it was kind of grouped in, but it could be it’s own special category with just one topic (being the hall of fame) so that it wouldn’t be nearly as hard for the staff

If you have discord then there’s a server for it
but it would be nice for this to be back on the forums