Flex on the person above u

I have 64 subs

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I have 65 subs.

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i have more levels :sunglasses: but less skill


I have much more levels!!!

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I have an iPhone 13 Pro Max (I actually do :sunglasses:)

i have a samsung a12!!1!1

I have a lot of costumes on hive bedrock server on minecraft in a game

I have the Time owl Costume

I have the black cat costume AND the time owl

I got friended by a yt rank

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I got friended by regular rank!! Don’t be so jealous

I got friended by myself


I grew the bees

I harvested all their honey.

i got a 2TB harddrive

I play in all regions with 0 lag and have one of the best gaming PC they make

I found the all travelling god.

I never log on the forums at 2am and post on every thread I see

I never correct people it’s 5 pm in my time and also try to be active and contribute to the forums by posting a lot.

I haven’t ever lost a game of HnS on the Hive

That’s basically postfarming. You don’t contribute in any way by postfarming.