Flex on the person above u

Basically do as the title says. Flex with something better than the thing that the person above u said.


I’ll start i guess even tough there’s no one above me…

I have over 50 friends

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I have 51 friends in real life ooh

I have over 80 friends on the hive…

i have 80 friends in real life

I have a 400+ days login streak!

I have a 5000+ day login streak in real life!


I have a higher sub count than you

I didn’t ask

i cLiCk 14 cPs oN coNTrOlLer

I still roll people with 2 cps

i still rolled you with 2 cps

I have a job and make money

but you’re like 13/14 (judging by your voice).

i have friends.

I dont have friends :sunglasses:

i love you. that’s my flex.

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Nobody asked B)

I have 228 subscribers.

I can’t eat a slice of pizza

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I can’t either cause I just got braces and idk how to eat

Uhhh yeah flex

I can combo people on controller better than you :sunglasses:

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I’ve got 3 mice Roccat kain 200, Roccat kone aimo and remastered and Roccat kone pro

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