Flag A Post Badge Broken

I’ve flagged 2 posts so far (hacker reports) and never got this badge
Screenshot 2020-03-20 at 6.46.24 AM

I thought “maybe I didn’t get it because I clicked the something else box” (those boxes that come up when flagging a post)

If thats the case then that’s weird becuase your still flagging the post…

because it depends the type of posts you flag

if you flag a hacker report it won’t get hidden. you have to flag inappropriate posts


So your saying it has to get hidden like that hive montage video. It doesn’t count if I flag a post and splodger even closes it like this post…

he closed it because the question was answered

I actually think it may be because of the ‘something else’ box. First time I flagged a post, I clicked that and didn’t get the badge. Second time I flagged a post, I selected one of the default options and the badge came up straight away. It may be because clicking ‘something else’ opens up a DM on the situation so it’s treated a little differently to a normal flag.


is this why ive been flagged so much do people want the badge so bad

(if this somehow breaks any rule i’m sorry)