Fix The Yellow Steves! *Please Read Before Skipping Over

Fix The Yellow Steves!!! *If possible

When playing on The Hive, I have noticed that custom skins made in the dressing room are masked in the server’s lobbies and games. Its sad to see peoples characters, whether they finished achievements and got the item as a reward or spent Minecoins and wanted to show off there new clothing, get hidden from everybody to see. If people wanted a yellow Steve skin as their character, there should be a settings option called “mask custom skin.”

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The reason that they are made into yellow skins, is because it takes a lot of stress upon the server to have custom skins. But anyway hive has confirmed that in a future update, when playing MM the yellow steves will be replaced by a random costume.


fax we should take yellow steve away or at least make that skin better

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Like @CaptainPurzy said, 4d custom skins will cause lag, since most of the cosmetics are animated.

how would it cause lag?

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Extra pixels can force lower end devices to be a bit laggier than everyone else’s. Also it makes the hit boxes look really weird which is unfair to normal players

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this is also so people cant use skins that are clear or very short (baby yoda)

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I don’t understand why 4d skins are not allowed when ppl have custom skins, skins that look like the wither, ect

3D/4D skins were blocked on Hive a while ago, people that have “3D/4D geometry” have it from skin packs that are NOT blocked by hive. They stole and edited the skin packs to make their own versions.

I feel like blocking them was a good chose as Hive was quite laggy when they were unblocked.


Yellow Steve’s ars kinda iconic to hive, I doubt they would remove them.


I think yellow steves are of coirse the steve skin but hive style. This could be good tho and i think, if people want to use yellow steve skin then they should just use a normal steve skin and because it is hive, it will automatically changed to be yellow

As mentioned above, any character creator skins are blocked as they have previously caused some performance issues for other players. If you’d like to read more in depth about custom skins on the Hive, you can do so here: The Hive - Custom Skin Support

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