Fix the Ghost Invaders game

The Ghost Invaders game for Halloween is really broken and unbalanced.

In order to win as a human, you have to either survive till the end (I haven’t done that before so it could just be a tie) or kill the ghosts enough times that they run out of lives. Ghosts win this game very often and it’s very difficult to defend against them. Ghosts should be slower than normal and maybe go at a slightly faster speed than normal when they’re about to blow up. Believe me, it’s quite difficult to defend against a horde of super-fast ghosts as a human! There should be an indicator for the humans when a ghost is about to blow up near them as well, maybe that ticking sound would play or the ghost would light up like a creeper. The blast radius for ghosts should be decreased because sometimes you’ll be miles away from a ghost and they’ll still blow you up! Make it so ghosts can’t spawn around humans either, because it’s really annoying when you’re in a group and then a ghost just spawns in the middle of it and blows everyone up. The time it takes for a ghost to blow up should be increased and the time it takes for the zapper to recharge should be decreased. I know the recharge time is already short but when you have five ghosts chasing you, it’s kind of difficult. Oh yeah, and maybe make the maps larger as well.

Even though this game is probably limited time, make that limited time fun! Changing the game like this would definitely balance it more, give or take a few things. Maybe humans would be able to win more than once in 200 rounds…

The Ghost Invasion minigame is indeed seasonal, meaning it will disappear after the Halloween event has passed.
It is certainly possible to win as a human, it’s just rare. The minigame is a challenge and forces you to think strategically :slightly_smiling_face:

Additionally, this topic Make it possible for the humans to win was closed by Splodger, which points towards the Hive not wanting to change the game, which I agree with.

@maybeSheila ? :thinking:


There already is an indicator that a ghost is about to explode. The gamertag turns red and the ghost has a blue particle effect


It isn’t that hard to win as a human tbh, just reach a high place a snipe every ghost u see.
@maybeSheila @Hlzyzptlk

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That doesn’t work when 5 ghosts rush you at once


The only thing I agree with here is to stop ghosts from spawning right next to you. A bit unrelated, but the max range of the zappers should also be removed imo, it’s so annoying when you have good aim to snipe someone but it just fizzles halfway there


I don’t think any kind of nerf can make you live through that
(or you could just run)

Wow I’m gonna post here to say I played a gi game that lasted less than 30 seconds