Fix Quest Progress

Quest Progress needs to be fixed

Whenever I select a quest, it often happens that it won’t keep track of my progress.
This happens most often with the Teleporters quest, where I go through a teleporter a 100 times and still 0 progress. Wasted time.
Mine 33 iron ore in Skywars Kits: 5 games, 100 iron ore mined, 0 progress (it was in duos but the quest didn’t specify gamemode/team size, it would have said so if it was for duos or solo only).
Go through 20 checkpoints in Deathrun, got through 20 checkpoints, only 10 are being tracked.

For goodness sake, this needs a fix ASAP. I’m wasting my time playing games I don’t even want to play but I want to grind QP and this is just unfair. Also Arcade games often don’t count when tracking ‘play x games’ or ‘win x games’

Hello :wave:,

Please make a bug report instead, providing any evidence of this occuring. Problems with quests have been reported in the past, however new issues can always pop up, so please report complications when discovered. Thank you! :slight_smile: