First Replay Montage by GaboDabo!

Hello everyone!
In this topic I want to present my first Replay Cinema montage on the Hive. I also believe this is the first Hive montage ever released in 2022 :0

Watch with volume for a better experience!
This took me long to make (I think I started my first clips at the start of November 2021), mostly just trying to get the best angles, recording everything over and over again until I liked the angle and how it synced to the music. But getting the clips was the most enjoyable part. I was not trying to get crazy block extensions or 20 cps combos, just some chill moments of me messing around in games and being bad. No crazy editing either, just some cuts to go with the music and as simple as that :slight_smile:
Some of the people reading this might recognize some of these moments from times I played with them! Thanks for all being an awesome community, I wanted to make this video ‘forum exclusive’ so don’t even bother checking anything else in my YouTube channel that I literally created yesterday because Imgur didn’t support the video…
Anyways, thanks to the Hive as well for adding replay cinema! I use it everyday and I’m sure I’ll keep using it in the future. As a mobile player, recording every single game is a lot of storage my potato iPad doesn’t have, and it just looks so much cleaner

Song I used, if you were asking

The song I used is called I’m Yours by Jason Mraz. I liked its acoustic guitar to go with the video that made everything more simpler
Click me to check it out

Anyways, that’s all. Thank you for reading my TED Talk just for a video and feel free to give constructive criticism. It’s not my first time making videos but few tips from other people could always help :blobheart:


This was really good! Fake simply cubed spotted :telescope:

this is so wholesome

i love it


That was amazing! Definitely one of the best replay montages I’ve seen so far.


I love this montage so much!

Really good montage!

Wow! This is amazing!

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Love it! Looks and sounds amazing!

Edit: This is no montage, this is a award winning premium montage lol

Thanks everyone!
Im glad you all enjoyed it :blush:

Yes… only the last few clips were legit Simply Cubed lol

Damn man, loved that.

I like seeing you run from me midway through the montage.



Incredible. Love it.

This is probably one of the most professional montages I’ve ever seen! I hope you continue with these!

Insanely smooth, and the music works perfectly! Awesome job! (also that fish is kinda suspicious ngl)

Good job :+1:

That was one of the best 4 minutes spent today! Best montage of 2022 so far! Why isn’t this on YouTube? I’m sure many other people would love it!

It’s literally a YouTube video :woozy_face:


it isn’t public.


Gabo the renders are smooootthhh

Bro make it public more people need to know this. Low-key if you had this in the replay contest you’d have my vote (if playerbase vote was counted)

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Part of me does regret not making this for the replay contest… it would be different, maybe shorter and different music (this is copyrighted :stuck_out_tongue: ) but I probably would’ve considered for runner up in the best of the scenarios

Edit: the video is now public!


This is so great love it

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