Fire Sword Opinions?

Personally I used to dislike the fire sword since it wasn’t very effective, but despite being only a gold sword with a chance to set fire I’ve actually started to enjoy it lately! Its pretty fun to use when the fire part kicks in, so I’ll sometimes pick it over even an iron sword! Does anyone else also have a soft spot for the fire sword?

Sometimes i main it
But like i have no place to talk as i barley play sw

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Its good i like seeing ppl on fire (not irl lol😅)

It was awful when it set people on fire on every hit, it was just really annoying. After the update with sword of embers it became much more balanced. I like it

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I surprisingly didn’t even like using it before it got changed, I only started liking it after it was balanced

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Idk the og fire sword was what made fights more fast paced I think the hive should make a skywars kit using the og fire sword as the kits name would be flame thrower


That is a decent idea for skywars kits, maybe remove it from the emerald and make it a kit

It’s amazing
U can hit someone with the fire sword and switch to ur main sword once they’re on fire and this will deal 1 heart of damage per hit instead of half heart per hit(assuming that the opponent has full diamond and no fire prot)