Fire showdown, a new gamemode

A pg shooter with bows, crossbows, maybe the sonic guns, with a small map, and maybe custom guns


Possible hub titles: enemy spotted, I JUST HITTED A 360, SNIPEEEE, Bow master, Fire Control, trooper, general,

[Think abut it this way, a small map with the size of the temple map middle island, perks and streaks, this idea came to my mind after the sonic gamemode where you collect coins and shoot others, maybe adding fire instead of bullets, and in seasons like spring, bullets could be eggs. with three different gamemodes, capture the flag, territory containing( kindalike snow wars) and free for all, this could bring both sides, pvp players and non pvp people, this would also maybe attract a lot if console players because shooter games are the fav of many console players


This is cool, but I’m not sure hive needs a shooter game, would this be an LTM?