Filter all hive players

Filter all hive players.

Hi, I have a suggestion. Im an iPad player and I like to play pvp minigames in your server. Please add a player filter because at pvp, Im bored to play against PC/console players and to lose. Playing on PC and console can give you unfair advance vs phone and tablet players, which makes it like pay2win.

Example: PC vs PC players, console vs console players and phone-tablet vs phone-tablet players or phone-phone players and tablet-tablet players.

Please and thank you.

Hey there, welcome to the forums! This is already a thing, but some touch players connect a controller or KB&M to their device. The Hive is working on a fix for this problem. For more info go here: The Hive - Platform Matchmaking.


also playing on ipad gives you an advantage as well as you dont need to look at them to hit them and if you tap fast then its easier to get a combo

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It doesnt matter what device your on, its about skill. Ive seen a ton of players beat console/PC players, so you could be on PC and be really bad or be on mobile and be really good and easily beat everyone, like me (not to brag), I used to play and win on mobile a lot before i switched to PC.

Closing this suggestion as we already have Player Based Matchmaking (PBMM)