FHA clan Applications

Hello I’m FHAplebgames we are now opening our clan for people to Apply.Our Clan specialises on the Hive Bedrock Minecraft Server.If you are interested please Email your applications to the email Below with these questions answered,

What games do you play on the Hive?

How long have you been playing these games?

What level are you in said game?

Anything else?

Please email you applications to this email:

[email protected]

Welcome to the forums!


First of all welcome to the forums!
I just had a couple of questions that might benefit this post.

What exactly is this ‘clan’ for, are you looking for particular players?
What does ‘FHA’ mean?
Is this ‘clan’ going to be a hive

Swarms (Guilds)

Is there anything that makes this group special?
That is all. :pizza: :honeybee:
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Hi! We were looking into swarms but how exactly do we apply for those?

We are looking for anyone interested in joining a group of Hive players.But yes we are a guild

There’s a way to preapply for swarms on the discord in the bedrock announcements channel