Favorite skywars map?

Hello everyone,And today I have a simple question. What is your favorite skywars map? Solos,Duos , Trios And sky royaleSolos:Baroque or ivory Duos:Utopia Trios: Armada I don’t play sky royale. Over

Baroque cause little kids can’t just easily hit you off on that map

Solos: Baroque
Duos: That one sonic one
Trio/Squads: the camp one

Green hill zone,you mean?

Solos: pillars
duos: sorry but i dislike duos, Galactic
trios/squads: castle

Solos: Baroque or violet keep
Duos: Anora
Trios/Squads: Castle/Armanda
Royale: Jungle

only ever really played solos, and only remember solos maps

my favourite is baroque, and my least favourite is ivory (don’t ask)

Solos: Pillars, Violet Keep
Duos: Galactic
Trios/Squads: Castle, Armada

Honorable mentions: Ivory, Anora and Spellbrook

Solos: Wild Wood
Duos: Anora
Trios/Squads: Castle

Pillars and ivory hive skywars solo

Ivory. I only play solos