Favorite hive forumer/player

yus this has been a new trend

woah this is cool

how did nobody know this

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Please keep this thread on the topic at hand. Spoiler tags are cool but going off-topic isn’t :sunglasses::sweat_smile:



ok alright back on topic

Everyone cool but person I have to choose is @Hlzyzptlk :roll_eyes: very active and kind staff is the reason


I guess a lil appreciation post :honeybee:
I’m pretty new to forums but the Hive Discord … what can I say about it? It’s just given me so many new perspectives on life, it’s done so much for me as a person going forward that people just wouldn’t understand. I’ve met so many people with many different personalities and made so many new friends along the way. I’m always tryna help out within the community wherever I can and I feel as if I get a lot of love for that from all sorts of wonderful people, I guess that’s the positive in being a member of a community in which we all have something in common, that being our love for the Hive really.
Just a few that have really helped me, despite how recent ~ @RaliusRxlZ, @zWhxtDoUWxnt, @Paopawo.Mc and then obviously there’s so many more people that I may not have mentioned but have not forgotten about. Thankyou everyone :blue_heart:


ily <3

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i like how barely anyone has put me lol



:crystal_ball: Welcome Back Unikern!

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Bruh, no one has put me. Makes sense since im « quite inactive nowadays »


the french peeerson

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Me too.

Except that fact makes me sad D:

my fav forumer is @Brialgic

i cant tell if you are being sarcarstic or not

anyways, there are many forumers i like, but im a big fan of @ThanPixel


Ayyyye Pickle fans unite!


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my uh favorite person is everyone? Im not really sure lol. @everyone is very cool, and uhm that’s it I really don’t know what to put here. I amn’t the one to make friends I just like to help out if I can :slight_smile:


I’m not gonna make some huge post, but I just wanted thank everyone for being here. I’ve improved my communication skills a ton in the time I’ve been here, and I owe it all to you guys


everyone here is good except…

@hivebot ha and you can’t even flag me @hivebot L