Fav minecraft server

  • Hive
  • Pixel Paradise
  • Galixite
  • Miniville
  • Lifeboat
  • hypixel

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Vote on what your favorite Minecraft server is? Also feel free to reply and say why its your favorite

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Hey there :wave:
In the future please do not create a topic for polls. They can be posted here (click me). Also considering that you posted this on the hive forums which is a bedrock server, Hive is most likely going to be #1.

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ik it is a bedrock server but some people like other servers as well so I just wanted to see which one of those was the favorite. Also sry for making new topic but I’m new to forums and didn’t know

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All good m8…no worries


Who voted pixel paradise


Somehow, two people did.

Sad cubecraft noises

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recently me and some friends went on the Lifeboat discord expecting it to be super bad.

one of my friends couldn’t log onto Lifeboat because his name was too short.
anyways the staff acted smart but they were clueless lol.

meanwhile i was acting like how i assume Lifeboat players would be like. 5 years old and simping Lifeboat to insanity.

then i got muted for “chat floor” aka sending 4 messages in a row. 24 hour mute. then i got kicked for “inactivity” before my mute was over.


Lifeboat is the best server


Wait was his name “cs” or something like that-

yeah it was, why?

just want to say that Im sorry for not adding cubecraft and it is one of the most underrated mc servers

also, why can’t you make new topic for polls?

it’s just more organised if you post all the polls in the topic for polls.

otherwise things get cluttered, which great


it’s gr8

Yea inspent over 100$on it :grin::grin::grin:

I have a question if I have a 50% XP boost on the hive and I destroy a Treasure in tw (50xp) how much XP would that be. Only asking this bc I don’t feel like doing math

Why are you posting the same question multiple times and in htreads where it definetly not belongs. This should be in #help-me .

Have a nice Day

bruh u not supposed to see it in threads and I didn’t fell like making a new topic bc people would yell at me and be toxic

No ,they definitely wouldn’t cuz this is a serious question (ok simple maths but…)